ONE MUSIC CITY is a fortnightly free-to-public community newspaper – both traditional and electronic – focusing on Cape Town’s rich and varied live music performance community.

In print, OMC runs 8 pages published every 14 days, with live music performance as its subject focus. Our first print edition is scheduled for June 10, 2013.

It will contain a listing of live music performances taking place, and some artist recommendations. It carries feature and news-based content in the tradition and standard we demand from our other 3i Publications (Rolling Stone South Africa, Africa Telecoms, etc).

Our editorial content focuses on the artists in the current listing for the editorial period – meaning, all of the editorial content will be directly related to one of the shows featured in the listing for that fortnight.

At ONE MUSIC CITY, we see the live music performers of our region, their fans, and the venues that provide them spaces to perform, as one community regardless of genre, or regional, commercial or economic limitation. Cape Town is a wonderfully diverse city of various movements, creativities and ideas, and live music is one area that reaches across these divides meaningfully.

Taking into account a number of existing publications that cover various niche targets, ONE MUSIC CITY was conceived as a fortnightly snapshot of Cape Town’s true diverse character, attempting to reveal the hidden gem newcomers in corner bars as well as the above-the radar stars doing their regular arena shows, from the legendary Cape jazz maestros playing weekly sessions to the symphonies being conducted at City Hall.

We believe that awareness is what grows a movement. While commercial publications tend to segment and focus on their perceived “markets”, we believe that music – and artists – have the potential to build communities, culture and our nation by being spoken of as one. It’s not rock, or jazz, or classical, or folk or hip-hop or blues. It’s Cape Town. It’s One Music City, and it’s waiting to be discovered by anyone who wants to listen.

Let’s build.

All listings, queries, article and photo submissions, and advertising queries can be forwarded to:  capetown@onemusiccity.co.za


One Music City is published fortnightly by 3i Publishing

Unit 6, The Planet Art 1,

32 Jamieson Street, Cape Town, 8001

Tel: 021 426 5590



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  1. Hi there! What is your facebook link please? Also I would like to contact you regarding an article, please send me a contact number. You can get hold of me on facebook (Marie-Claire de Villiers) or gmail (marieclairedevilliers@gmail.com). Thanks!

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