OMC15THE first edition of ONE MUSIC CITY was launched on 10 June 2013, with a cover picture of, and story about, the iconic Zayn Adam. On that occasion, I was lucky enough to be the one to write the story about his retrospective show, Thru the Years, which was taking place at the Roxy Revue Bar at the time.

This week, we return to the Roxy for our cover story as another legend of South Africa music starts her own run of a retrospective show. PJ Powers – Penelope Jane Dunlop – will tell her story in a show called Firefly, at the same venue and in the same format.

It’s always fascinating to hear veteran artists tell their own stories. As their fans and followers, we tend to imprint many of our own values and experiences onto their music, and when these are held up against the artist’s own memory of the events that led up to those songs or events, it often adds a different colour to our memories.

It is also deeply inspirational to see that the artists themselves have continued to be creative and explorative with their art, driving down new and sometimes unexpected pathways fearlessly. They are – and should be – our inspirations, not least because they’ve often had to face countless challenges to their credibility, craft, self-image and ambitions along the way.

Hearing their story is an act borne out of respect for me, which is why I suppose, I do this job.


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One thought on “Ed’s LETTER, 03 FEBRUARY 2014

  1. Hi

    I would like to know where I could purchase any of Zayn Adam’s CDs. I’ve searched at major retail stores but I’ve been unsuccessfull

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