Breathe Sunshine is Back to Spark Music Industry Ideas and Inspiration

OMC15THE second annual Breathe Sunshine African Music Conference is an opportunity for a range of artists, producers and leaders across the music industry to join forces in hopes of building and unifying the industry.

The conference aims to unite the rich diversity of talents from across the continent, in pursuit of a greater future for all artists.

This year’s conference will also host a brand new Unity Jam that will be held in Langa on 16 February, the final day of the event.

Highlights of BSAMC include German reggae artist Gentleman, who will attend the conference and be performing for the very first time in South Africa.

In addition, the conference has added Breathe Sunshine Connect, which is dedicated to the digital space. Led by African Dope Records founder Roach Roth, Connect unites the sharpest minds in the digital media world and music industry to explore how it can evolve.

International charity Bridges for Music will host a space on electronic music that will feature live technical demos, along with exclusive invite-only “Producer Pow-Wow Sessions” that offer one-on-one networking opportunities among township and city producers.

Among other highlights, attendees can look forward to a wide range of panels and workshops on a variety of subjects within the music industry, such as “The Future of Radio in Africa”, “Brands and Music”, “Principles of Artist Management”, “Event Licensing” and more.

Conference: Cape Town City Hall 14&15 February
Unity Jam: Langa 
16 February / 12:00 – 20:00 – Info :

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